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Happy Couple

A parishioner from a small church wanted the woman’s bathroom remodeled. The church didn’t have the money in the budget to do it. So she took the problem to her husband.

He designed and developed a solution. They took it to the congregation. He asked how many people would like to see the woman’s bathroom remolded and who had businesses with websites. A large group raised their hands.

Bathroom Remodel

Two weeks later, they created a “cause” called “Remodel the Woman’s Bathroom”. They then placed their “Cause” Donate Button on every one of those parishioners’ websites.

Through word of mouth and an expanded outreach, they raised all the money to remodel the bathroom overnight!

Remodeled Bathroom

This worked because they were able to donate to that specific cause, rather than a general fund.

Imagine the effect of putting your cause on all of your supporters’ websites, social media accounts, email, text…

Then watch all the donations being made!

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