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Hardware-Less, Clickable QR Code “Buttons”

We provide several Hardware-Less QR Code & Clickable “Button” based payment processing applications for non-profits to increase their donations and revenue.

1CLICK2GIVE has developed the following custom applications specifically designed to meet your non-profit needs.

Bathroom Remodel


Great Fundraiser – No License Needed

Everybody loves playing games of chance and winning prizes. A Bingo fundraiser can raise unlimited amounts of money for good causes with no license or restricting regulations, making bingo the perfect fundraising game.

First invented in 1929, few games have attained worldwide popularity as Bingo has. Bingo can be played by a limitless number of people; the rules are simple, and no special ability is needed to enjoy it. In-person

Bingo is a great game to build social connections by interacting with like-minded people in a friendly environment. Bingo’s social elements further boost mental health, forming lasting bonds with strangers and family.

Bathroom Remodel

Bingo will surely remain one of the world’s most popular pastimes, no matter the medium on which the game is played

Ticket Sales/ REtail/ Auctions

Easily Collect Payments for Multiple Individual Applications

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Raffles are a fun and easy way to raise funds for your nonprofit. These raffles can be part of a larger event, held online, or even by mail. The reason to have a raffle is often to raise more money, but raffles can help your organization in several different ways. If your nonprofit wants a unique way to promote your mission or a specific program, a raffle is an excellent way to get the word out. Our system accommodates the sale of items so if you are having a rummage sale or selling “MERCH” is simple to collect payments.

Auctions provide yet another way to make money for your non-profit. Our solution accommodates both live and silent auctions. 

Dining Events

Create Menu Options

People must eat! There will always be a demand for food, so why not use this demand to raise funds for your cause? Eating is a socially driven practice so fundraisers involving food are sure to draw a crowd. Food-related events are a chance for people to mix and mingle, making them both fun and memorable. There’s a food fundraiser for every group and every type of audience, from an elegant evening dinner to a pancake breakfast. Not everyone can afford the pricey tickets that formal gala dinners usually cost, and these can be massive undertakings. Our solution allows you to pay in advance from wherever you are and be assured a seat at the table.

Annual Dues

One-Time or Recurring Payments

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Simply put, “Club” dues are the fees your members pay to be a part of your organization. Whether a social club, chamber, nonprofit, or association, if you call your organization a “Club” and rely on a membership model, these dues are relevant to you! Members exchange their “Club” dues for agreed-upon benefits and services.

If you’re a “Club”, dues might cover operational support, special events, or other benefits of interest to your members. Every organization needs a consistent revenue stream. A predictable monthly sum of membership payments lets you focus on running valuable programs, nurturing current members, and reaching new ones. With our solution you simply send the member a link. The member is presented the amount to pay and, in a few clicks, it’s paid. Our solution supports recurring card payments, Apple and Google Pay, and ACH.

Special Events

Payment Flexibility When You Need It 

There’s something to be said for sticking with what works. If your annual gala brings out your biggest supporters in their finest frocks and raises lots of money for your cause, then continue to host it! However, you can update these old-school fundraisers and increase your reach by hosting different types of fundraising events.

Create an online event, an auction, sell raffle tickets, or conduct a sale at your location. Host a team fundraiser where the team member who raises the most money with their “Button” gets a “Super Prize”.

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Adding several fundraising programs to existing tried-and-true fundraisers boosts the event’s impact, creates more ways for donors to get involved and to give. It is important to always strive to keep your fundraising plans and events fresh and exciting. With our solution you have ultimate flexibility to collect payments of multiple types at the same event.

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Expand Your Reach

Dramatically expand your reach to donors and most importantly, increase the number of donations received. Our “Donation Button” and “Scan to Pay” QR Code solutions can be texted, emailed, printed, and linked to social media. Send out buttons to 100’s or 1000’s of people. We provide all the marketing tools and collateral materials to insure maximum exposure of your cause to your networks.

Our online portal provides up-to-the-minute financial reporting and accountability. We make it possible for 100% of your donations to positively impact people’s lives. Imagine the effect of putting your cause in the hands of your supporter’s and having them, share it. Then, watch your donorship grow and the donations come in. We provide all these services and solutions at No Cost to Non-Profit Organizations.

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All @ No Cost To Non-profits

We Provides You With:

  • No Hardware Required
  • No Set-up Cost
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • No Transaction Fees
  • No Interchange Fees
    • No Interchange Fees
    • No Statement Fees
    • No Hidden Fees
    • Online Portal
    • Real-Time Reporting
  • Superior 24/7/365 Customer Service
  • QRClubPAYClub Payments Made Easy!